Mom’s products are ready-to-eat meat items. The main products are inspired by traditional Kabui recipe. It is the culmination of traditional and modern cooking. People of all age groups enjoy the products. Meat used are chicken, pork and beef, which are of good quality and free of adulteration, procured from well-maintained farms in Manipur. Our products take at least a week or two for processing and we believe in quality over quantity. The taste comes from days spent on well-seasoning and dehydration. When all the quality check is done, the food is packed and sent to stores.

We have three type of products – Shinjus, Pickles and Snacks. Our Shinjus are prepared with seasoned and dehydrated meat shreds. It is one of the fast-moving products. In this, we have five varieties — Chicken Shinju, Spicy Chicken Shinju with Hawaijar, Pork Shinju, Beef Shinju and Spicy Beef Shinju with Ngari.

After Shinjus came Pickles. It was one of the popular demands of our customers to add pickle to our product line as they can be kept for longer days. These pickles come as small meat chunks prepared with minimal ingredients. We have three types – Chicken Pickle, Pork Pickle and Beef Pickle.

The latest food item that we added this year are Chicken Cracklings, Chicken Isaw and Beef Jerkey. These can be served as snacks or side dish. Chicken Cracklings are fried chicken skin which has a crunchy texture. Chicken Isaw are prepared from chicken innards. Beef Jerkey are chewing beef chucks which are rich in protein, making it a healthy snack choice.


We at Mom’s celebrate our roots and continuously work to uplift the region where we come from. Apart from using recipe inspired by traditional Kabui cooking, the ingredients used in our products, mainly the spices, come from our motherland. For instance, we use Sirarakhong Hathei/Chillies of Ukhrul, Mukthrubi Seeds, Hawaijar (fermented Soybean) and Ngari (fermented fish).

We believe spice farmers of Manipur and other small-scale food producers will equally benefit, at least in a small way, with our endeavor. Mentioning the exotic ingredients on our packets has also increased curiosity and interest among the rest of India, where we managed to reach. This gives them a reason to explore the green and beautiful India’s Northeast, particularly Manipur.


Mom’s is dedicated to help women, who are office goers and homemakers, in reducing their time spent in cooking food for their family. Most women spent their life in kitchen or in thinking about their family’s well-being. We believe our initiative will help women to spare some time for themselves. Our products are all ready-to-eat, easily available and convenient, making a perfect starter or side dish. The hassle of cooking side-dish is actually removed from the cooks’ chores.

We also aim to help students staying away from their homes to end their craving for home-food with our shinjus, pickles and snacks that are prepared in traditional style. Serving as toppings for noodles, starter with Kombuchas or drinks and side dish with rice and veggies are some of the favourite ways of eating the products.